Wednesday, December 06, 2006

You know it's cold ...

How do you know it's really cold out? Well, it's getting to that time of year when wintery habits pop up again. You know it's cold when:
* I wear socks to bed so I don't shock Keith with my blocks of ice. In theory I'll take the socks off once my feet warm up, but sometimes they don't reach that point until it's morning and time to get back out of bed.
* The car warms up just as you get to work and have to shut it off again.
* Getting dressed to go outside becomes a time-consuming, multi-layered affair. And that's just to get the mail.
* The rug just inside the back door is covered in foot apparel, which was taken off covered in snow and left there to recuperate.
* I break an ankle on above-mentioned footwear.
* 40 degrees seems delightfully balmy.
* Like with "sea legs," you're so used to walking on icy sidewalks that you use the careful, shuffling gait on all surfaces, icy or not.
* You're only reading my blog because you want an excuse to have the laptop on your legs and warm them up.

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