Sunday, September 14, 2008

The First 8 Weeks

Good news! We're only halfway through September, and I'm writing my first post. Hopefully, this means I might actually write October's first post in the first week or so ... and by Eleanor's second birthday, I might be back to posting on a regular basis! Or maybe that's too ambitious .....
So yes, things around here have been hectic. A baby is seriously hard work. Harder than anything I've ever done before. But even with all the sleepless nights and difficult feedings, it hasn't been all bad.

When I look back on this time, I hope I don't just remember the problems and frustrations. I also want to remember that, for the first month, Eleanor hiccuped just as much out of the womb as she had in it, which is quite a lot. She actually started hiccuping during delivery, which I found very distracting!

I don't want to forget how she moved as a newborn—her jerky arm and leg movements as she first started to unfurl from the little ball she had been for months. I love the feel of her sleeping on my chest, heavy and completely trusting. And the first time she looked up at me and smiled, at about six weeks, was amazing.


Anonymous said...

Your baby girl is beautiful.

It gets easier as the new routine is discovered and become acustomed to - to the point that life seems to return to normal...then most parents spoil it by having another baby (I gather this is your first).


M. Lubbers said...

Welcome, Chris!

Eleanor is indeed our first--pretty obvious, isn't it?;) People keep telling me it will get easier and I just have to believe that's true.

And thank you! I also think she's quite beautiful, but I am, of course, slightly biased.