Friday, February 20, 2009


"White people do love the Home and Garden Show!"

A few weeks ago we were at my older sister's apartment. The radio was playing in the background as I went to the dining room to grab more food. (She's a great cook!) I was in the middle of dishing up more of the sausage stromboli, seasoned with garlic and fresh herbs, when a commercial for the local exposition center came on. It filtered through slowly, I realized belatedly that I heard,

"White people do love the Home and Garden Show!"

I couldn't believe the advertisers had been so straightforward about their target market! It was a bold and pretty offensive move.

Of course, the end of the story is much more bland. After listening a little longer, I realized the announcer had actually said, "Why do people love the Home and Garden Show?"

My question now is: What people, exactly? Is the Home and Garden Show equally appealing to all demographics?


Jonathan said...

I'm afraid I just get this idiotic picture in my head of idiosyncratic couples with matching knitted clothes looking around shows like that.

Amy said...

I think my parents have gone a few times in the last, say, ten years. But it's mostly because they were in the process of making some upgrades to the house.

I had a somewhat unsettling dream over the weekend that they put the house up for sale. Hmm. Maybe I should call them . . .