Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quiet Evening

It's been a quiet, restful evening. We went to my parents' house this afternoon for my sister's birthday party. Ergo, we ate well, celebrated, and didn't have any dinner dishes!

When we got home, I put Eleanor to bed right away. Keith wasn't feeling very well, so by the time I was finished singing lullabies to Eleanor, Keith was also tucked into bed. I (with the pets' company) have been on my own since about 8 o'clock.

I have to admit, I've enjoyed it. Usually, I have a conflict on Sunday evening. On the one hand, I want to spend time with Keith and enjoy the waning hours of the weekend. On the other hand, I'm always tempted to try and run around in circles, getting done all of my list items that I hadn't gotten to earlier—or at least as many as possible.

But tonight, no such dilemma! I've been washing clothes, folding laundry, balancing the checkbook, and blogging of course! All while enjoying a nice glass of red wine and watching a few Season One episodes of "Bones."

I hope Keith wakes up tomorrow, feeling better. And I will be happy to take it easy tomorrow night, relaxing on the couch together. Especially since I got so much done tonight!


Jonathan said...

We seem to go for days on end at the moment hardly seeing each other. You are right - it pays to make time for each other - to invest in yourselves :)

M. Lubbers said...

I was wondering this morning, as I washed dishes, how many hours this year I'll spend washing dishes and tidying up?!? And I thought of you, because I knew that you would understand!

Especially once you have several children, I would imagine that it becomes that much harder to spend quality time with the kids AND with your significant other.

I'm looking forward to learning how you manage it all:)