Thursday, September 30, 2010

A feline excuse

So, it's naptime. My plan was to eat lunch, do some laundry, clean the basement (sneak in some TV watching while I do it ....), catch up on the blog, etc.

I fell apart at laundry. We've gotten into a bad habit of washing all the laundry, but never actually putting it away. It goes from the dirty hamper to the washer, dryer ... and onto the couch, and then back onto our persons. The drawers/closet are not really involved.

I have a load of laundry in now, but there were already two loads on the couch. After putting the laundry in the washer, I did get the lunch and pick up the basement a little bit. By the time I was ready to fold the existing laundry .... it was too late. Somehow, I've lost my motivation.

A nap is sounding really good.


Jonathan said...

Cats are good at doing nothing, aren't they :)

M. Lubbers said...

I'm sure she's pondering all of the deep questions of life .... and getting black cat hair on our whites!

Kristen B. said...

Same thing happens at our house. Never goes in drawers. Washing and drying it is hard enough! :)