Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Fest

Luckily for me (and the state of the blog), Keith uploaded pictures directly from the camera onto my Netbook from this past weekend, so I actually have something to show!

We went to a local fruit farm this past weekend for their Family Fun Fest. It was awesome. There were the usual enjoyments of a Fall outing:
  • gorgeous blue sky with fluffy white clouds, contrasting with brilliant red, orange, and yellow leaves
  • weather cold enough for a jacket, but warm enough to be comfortable outside
  • apple cider
  • pumpkins.
Plus, they had so much more:
  • Many, many slides

  • A clubhouse in the woods (with additional slide off to the right)

  • A corn maze

  • A wagon ride
  • Tee pees
  • A sunflower field
I don't even know what else. I definitely can't describe it all. We got there and Eleanor was immediately in love. I asked her what she wanted to do first. She flapped her arms, as she tends to do when incredibly excited, and said in awe, "I don't know!!!"

It was a really good time.


Jonathan said...

Isn't it great when they do their happy dance :) Our middle child claps her hands :)

Andrea said...

Wow! I'm in awe just reading about all the fun things to do!

I took the boys on three seperate fall adventures this week, and it was a blast! We went hiking down to a creek in a local park, we went to a farm with pumpkin patch and corn maze, and the grand finale was a hiking trip with Bob at Sharon Woods. It was very tiring for me, but the look on Will's face was well worth it!

Time really does fly! I agree that it seems like just yesterday when I was pregnant and we took Will to the pumpkin patch.....

M. Lubbers said...

Jonathan: I'm glad to hear your girls still have their happy dances! That's something I hope doesn't go away.

Andrea: I love the fall and all of the activities! I'm having a harder time thinking of exciting winter activities--let me know if you have any good ones!