Monday, October 10, 2011

This Is a Post about Nothing

Today is the due date, but nothing is happening. I've cleaned the house, we've stocked up on food, Keith mowed the grass, we bought Eleanor's pumpkin .... of course, there's always other tasks that could be done. But the truth is, I have no concentration or willpower to do them. I am a little tempted to make myself clean to try and fake the nesting instinct, but the couch is comfy and I really don't think it works that way.

So I'm just waiting. But I felt the need to post this, so no one takes my lack of posting as evidence of some great and wonderful events keeping me from the blog. None of that going on here! Gomez is sleeping on the back of the couch next to me, while Beckett insists on licking his legs, curled up in the armchair.

I'm not very good at waiting. I know I should be doing more to keep my mind occupied, but all of my attention is focused on what's NOT HAPPENING yet. Grrr .... If anyone has any good suggestions for how to stop driving myself crazy, I'd like to hear them!


Amy said...

Run a marathon?

Photo finish: Woman gives birth after running (and walking) marathon

That is ridiculous, btw.

M. Lubbers said...

Keith sent me that link, too. Totally insane! I could see *maybe* running a half-marathon in, I don't know, the beginning of your 2nd trimester. But when you're full term? And then walking the second half?!?

I'm good on the couch right now, thanks.

Andrea said...

I'd like to say I can say "I know how you feel," but I honestly don't. Will was 2 weeks early, and Archer was 3 weeks early (though he really wanted to be 11 weeks early). :-)

Take care of yourself, and scratch that itchy belly. Maybe that will remind Baby that there's a big world out there ready to explore.

Or call me to pass some time. Work is almost done for the day, and BOTH kids are at school/sitter today. :)

Amy said...

Totally insane <-- I know, right?!?!

I mean, seriously: What kind of heavy-duty support garment did she have rigged up to allow *running* with a fully pregnant belly? The mind, it boggles.

And it cracks me up that Keith sent you the link already. I saw it on Facebook, perhaps about three posts below the link to your blog entry.

Anyhow: If you did feel the need to get off the couch (although I can't imagine why you would ... unless you do not have a book/tv remote/snack/beverage handy), I suppose that you _could_ take a walk around the block. I'm assuming that the weather is still nice -- there are no windows anywhere near my cube, which doesn't really bother me like it would Dottie, but it does make it difficult to judge current weather conditions and plan accordingly.

Jonathan said...

I've heard numerous times that curry works.

M. Lubbers said...

@Amy: It is nice out, so the dog and I have been taking at least one walk a day. I do love fall weather and watching the leaves change. Although last time, I walked a LOT and then one day I didn't walk ... and then I went into labor. So I'm not sure that works for me!

@Jonathan: I also tried curry last time with no success. But it sounds tasty, so I am willing to give it another go!