Friday, March 09, 2012

... And We're Back!

Back from my January/February hiatus, ready to dazzle and entertain you once again.

If you were a stickler for details, you might be tempted to point out that it's already March 9; isn't this big comeback a bit late? Shouldn't this post have appeared on March 1?

But since you're my friend, and you know I'm a delicate flower with volatile emotions, I trust you will resist the urge to point out that my hiatus went a week longer than planned. I think that, in actuality, the thought of returning to blogging on a regular basis scared me a little bit. After weeks with no deadlines, could I keep a regular posting schedule?

Well, probably not. But that's because I never really have. My posting is always lighter at the beginning of the month, when I think I have ages to post, and then the posts come fast and furious in the last week, when I say, "Oh crap! I only have one more week to get to 10 posts for the month!"

So I am back, for what it's worth. Back to my inane drivel, and my sporadic, unreliable posting. I know you missed me!


Anna M. said...

I did! Welcome back, cuz!

M. Lubbers said...

Ha! At first I didn't know who this Anna M. person was. I thought it was a fake comment. Your new last name will take some getting used to ... but I'm glad that YOU'RE glad that I'm back:)