Thursday, February 07, 2008

Eating for Two

As I mentioned earlier, at the 4-month check-up the doctor said I had only gained 10 pounds so far. Surprised to hear it, I laughed and told him that I eat all the time. He replied that I must be burning it off somehow, because my weight gain was right where it should be.

I do worry that I am leading people astray though, when I talk about how I'm eating all the time. Like when a Victoria's Secret model claims that her favorite food is deep-dish pizza with extra cheese. (Wow, that sounds fabulous right now!) Pretty hard to believe she's talking about eating it. Maybe eating it and throwing it back up, or maybe just smelling it as someone else eats it .... but there's no way a person can eat that many calories on a regular basis and still be able to model underwear.

So I tell people that I'm eating all the time and they are surprised because I haven't gained very much, and actually it's still very hard to tell that I'm even pregnant. Sometimes I'm impatient and wish I were showing more, but then I remember all of the horror stories about random strangers patting your belly and giving you advice, and take joy in the fact that at this point, people only know I'm pregnant if I choose to tell them. I won't have that luxury later on.

Anyway, I was going to clarify that I do eat all the time, but it's small snacks spaced out throughout the day. Typically, when I pack my "lunch" for work, I pack 6 or 7 separate items. One might be slightly higher calorie (soup, pita and hummus and tabouleh, leftovers) and I'd have that for lunch. But everything else is small—an apple, celery with peanut butter, cherry tomatoes, a couple fig newtons, rice cakes, etc. Mostly healthy stuff. Sometimes Oreos, donuts, or even a candy bar from the vending machine if I'm really feeling the need for sugar.

I feel a bit guilty when I indulge in empty calories, but overall I think I'm doing okay. And the baby really does love Oreos!


cat said...

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well! Getting the baby hooked early, eh? Before you know it, Little L will be like my niece, announcing at any gathering with cake/cookies: "I sure do love sugar!"

M. Lubbers said...

That definitely sounds like something my children will say! ;)

I'm still holding out hope that, when I'm feeding the child separately, I will still to whole fruits and vegetables and a minimal amount of processed sugar. It should be easier to have will power when it's not me, right?

cat said...

Well, my sister was really good with healthy foods until the infamous 1st birthday smash cake. From there on out, her other grandma took that as permission to shove cookies freely at the kids. Good thing she has an aunt like me to tell her that fruit is delicious!

FitGeGe said...

Congratulations on your weight gain! (Never thought I'd say that to someone...!) Obviously, your method of eating - you know, little meals, 6x/day - are paying off!

As an aside, I think I'll have to stop reading your blog in the morning as it makes me too hungry!! ;o)

M. Lubbers said...

Gege: Sorry I'm making you hungry! I'm making myself hungry, too;)