Friday, June 20, 2008

And it just keeps growing

Just when you think the belly can't get any bigger ... surprise!

Keep in mind, the cropping is a bit different in the most recent photo. And it was taken with our new camera that Keith, dutiful citizen that he is, spent our "Economic Stimulus Check" on. We both knew we wanted a camera that took better indoor pictures than our old one, and he did all the research to decide we had to have a Canon XSI. So that explains the better detail, different colors, etc.

But anyway, this isn't about the camera. It's about the belly. Isn't it impressive?


cat said...

Geez that kid got big in one month! LOL On the bright side, it's almost time!!!

Amy said...

After Cathy started talking about this photo, I had to see it for myself.

I don't think it's that much bigger than last month, but maybe I'm giving too much credit to the new camera and the cropping . . . Cathy instructed me to examine how your shirt fit a month ago vs. now, but I'm still unconvinced.

Anyhow, the cat-in-the-frog-hat photo cracked me up.

FitGeGe said...

Hey M! So when are you actually due? Maybe on MY bday (July 9)!! ;o)

M. Lubbers said...

Of course, the matter of how big the bump is can actually be quite subjective. There will always be bigger and smaller bumps. I just know that, when I try to roll over in bed at night or get up from the couch unaided, it feels a LOT bigger this month!

Gege: My due date is July 17. I've known women with that due date who gave birth on July 5 and July 26, so it could end up being on your birthday after all!

ellen said...

I wish I would have thought to take pics like that - same clothes and position and everything - it's really cool!!