Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Keith!

Finally! Yesterday was Keith's 30th birthday, so the long 3 months when I am older than he are now over for another year.

It was our usual, laid-back affair. We went with some couple friends (that is, friends who are a couple, not two un-related friends) to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and to see the new(ish?) Indiana Jones movie. Beckett must even have known it was a special occasion, because he behaved himself while we were gone. This is more impressive when you know that, while we were at work on Tuesday, he got into the trash and pantry—and ate my Oreos!—, pooped in the attic, and peed in the basement. All in a day's work.

So even the dog behaved himself and when we got home from the movie, we actually got to bed at a decent hour. That part was very important because tonight is going to be a long night. Keith's family is coming up this weekend to celebrate Keith being old, and also to see the Reds play the Indians at Progressive Field. As always, we had the best intentions of cleaning every night this week so it wouldn't be so bad tonight. And we tried, but never really got as far as we wanted. So tonight will be a cleaning extravaganza. I hope the old man's knees don't give out when he's scrubbing the floor at 1 am!;)


Jonathan said...

Did you know you can't actually buy Oreos in the UK (this is where somebody tells me you can)

Amy said...

I just went through an all-night cleaning extravaganza myself, due to a last-minute appearance by my sister. So, good luck with that!

And although I wish Keith a happy birthday and hope he has fun with the visiting relatives, I can't in good conscience let that extend to having the Reds beat the Indians this weekend. Go Tribe!

: )

M. Lubbers said...

Jonathan: Next time I come over to the UK, I'll hand deliver you a package. I'm wondering if you would find them repulsive, not having grown up with them, but it's worth a try!

Amy: Sorry about the Tribe this weekend. But Keith's family had a great time!