Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Finally Unveiled: The Nursery!

I know it's been a looong time since I alluded to this, but I'm finally posting a few pictures of the finished nursery. We're very excited with how it turned out. And not a moment too soon!

Items of note: The purple blanket on the edge of the crib is one I knitted myself for the baby. I'm also pretty excited about the basket of books that is on the floor, next to the glider rocking chair. And many, many props to Keith and my dad for hanging the fabulous white trim that separates the brown stripes and green solid color below.

It is a wonderful room. I love the light that fills it in the morning, and I think the colors are very welcoming and soothing. As our guest bedroom, we never spent much time in there. But now that it's the nursery, I know we'll both be in there day and night!


Jen said...

What a spectacular nursery the two of you created for your little one! I love it! It's perfectly gender-neutral and a room any boy or girl would be privileged to grow up in! Well done to both of you! I can't wait til little Eleanor/Ryan finally arrives!

cat said...

The nursery looks fabulous! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for an easy and fast delivery!

M. Lubbers said...

Thanks for the compliments! It might be stretching the truth a little far to say we enjoyed working on it, but we're definitely happy with the final result;)

And, as I told my Mom, there's no hurry for her to see it in person because the room is going to stay exactly like that for the next 18 years or so;)

ellen said...

Your nursery is beautiful! :)