Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is Santa Worth It?

So, like I said, I've done most of my Christmas shopping online. I only have a few particular items in mind that we will actually need to venture out in public to purchase.

This is the second or third year that I've shopped this way, and I'm a big fan. You can find things that your loved ones actually want, easily compare prices for the best deal, and fit "window shopping" into the small chunks of time that one carves out throughout the day, in-between other tasks. Most importantly, you can avoid stores at Christmastime.

I love the holiday season and Christmas cheer. But malls/stores involve people. And that's never good. Especially when they're waiting in line, or in need of something specific and in a rush ... I can feel my shoulders tense just thinking about it. So avoiding the holiday shopping crowds is one of the most important reasons to shop online.

However. This year, Keith pointed out that we probably want to take Eleanor to get her picture taken with Santa. I think it's a good point, and having that picture will be very meaningful for years to come.

But I'm not convinced that I'll be able to handle it. It's not just venturing out in public with a baby, aka ticking time bomb. And it's not even just zipping in and out of a store. It's standing in line. For Santa. At a mall.

If anyone has advice on how to make it through this experience, I'm open to suggestions!


revjeremy said...


M. Lubbers said...

For the baby?

revjeremy said...

A thimble-full of bourbon for her and a few glasses for you is a guaranteed recipe for a memorable picture with Santa.

M. Lubbers said...


Andrea said...

Kenwood mall here gives out pagers. When you get to the mall, you can go visit the Santa area and they actually give you a pager. You can then wander around and shop and wait until Santa is ready for you. I think it's a brilliant idea! At least it eliminates the 50 million little kids waiting in line and the impatient parents annoying each other during the wait. I plan on taking Will there this week... I'll let you know how that goes - he's never sat on Santa's lap, so it ought to be interesting!

M. Lubbers said...

Andrea: The pagers are a great idea. I think of Kenwood as being on par with the Beachwood Mall up here .... maybe they have it, too? I'll have to check it out!

Good luck for Will's picture with Santa!