Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You May Call Me "Professor"

I'm happy to say that I'm making a big change. Next week will be my last week as an office manager, and my first week as a part-time English professor at a community college. I will also work as a tutor in their drop-in writing center.

This has been in the works for quite some time, but I didn't really believe it was going to happen. For many months now, I've been working part-time at a job that should be full-time. I had hoped that it could be turned into a job-share position, where 2 people work the full 40 hours. But as time went on, it looked like that wasn't going to happen and I was going to need to find something else.

But what? I really didn't want to work any more than I am currently—I was willing to be flexible on type of work, salary (to a point!), work time of day .... but spending more time away from Eleanor is one area that I wouldn't budge. So I've been stressing out over it a lot since January.

But slowly, things fell into place. We got to know some neighbors—a husband and wife who were both English majors, as well. He is a full-time, tenured English professor at this community college. Keith was doing a little looking around online and saw the posting for a part-time adjunct, and the next time I ran into the neighbor while we were both walking with our daughters, I asked his opinion about it. He got me in touch with the right people and reassured me when I didn't hear anything for months that it wasn't a bad sign, it's just a slow process.

And finally, it's happening. I'm wrapping up projects at my office, and planning my syllabus for class. I have a lot of anxiety right now, but I can tell that it's the good kind of anxiety. Anxiety about making a large life change .... one that is daunting from here, but I know that it will be a good, positive thing in the long run.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Congrats M.

Thanks for picking up the blog again. This is a quick way for us Southerners to keep up with what's going on in the North.

Good Luck on the new position.

Andrea said...

Congrats to you! It sounds like a job you will truly enjoy. But I kind of did laugh a little thinking that 2 of our best friends from UD are now professors!

Jonathan said...

Congratulations! Changes are always a little scarey, but also the chance to "begin again".

Exciting times!

Cousin Anna said...

Whoo hoo! That's awesome! Congrats, Cuz!

spetrone said...

Congratulations. That's great news.

Jennifer said...

Fantastic. Part of me is a little jealous. After reading Susan's wonderful book this spring, I really started missing reading books and writing stories. Good luck to you. :)

M. Lubbers said...

Thanks for all the good wishes, my friends! I'm sure that I will need them, particularly as I'm finding my feet during this first semester.

Jen: I don't think I knew that you wrote. What do you write? I am also hoping to start writing more regularly, once I'm settled into my new position ... so in a few years, maybe ;)