Monday, August 03, 2009

Such a Poor Child

On the morning of Eleanor's birthday party, there was a lot to be done. Final cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc. So of course, on her big day, I'm just trying to keep her occupied for a few minutes so I can actually get something done.

We were in the kitchen at one point, and I ended up handing her a spoon to keep her occupied. Shortly after that, my in-laws unveiled one of her first presents: They gave her the little rocking chair that they had bought for Keith when he was one-year-old.

We took many pictures of Eleanor sitting in the chair for the first time. And in all of those pictures, she is chewing on that spoon.

My brother-in-law, Jeremy, observed, "You know she's going to look back at these pictures and claim that you never gave her any toys. She had to chew on a spoon!"

So, future Eleanor, please note the sideboard in the picture below, piled high with presents on your 1-year birthday. You also can't see many of the larger presents that are on the floor around the sideboard and in the other room. We, and your family and friends, gave you many presents! If you choose to chew on a spoon instead, that's your choice. But I swear, you do have options.


Jonathan said...

Our first brithdays with our children have all been like this - as much as you try not to shower them with 1001 things they don't need, you end up doing it...

M. Lubbers said...

And not just you, but all the relatives! It's so great to see her face light up when she opens the presents ... and then we hid half of them, to bring out later:)