Thursday, January 21, 2010

Very Professional

As I was driving across town this morning, I turned my head slightly, and my hair fell in my face. That's when I realized that I didn't bring anything with me to put my hair back, if needed.

How could I let this happen? I thought. I'm a Mother!

Then I realized that I probably do have several of Eleanor's hairbands stashes in various diaper bag pockets. She refuses to ever wear them, but I like to keep them handy in case she EVER changes her mind. In a pinch, I could wear one of those. In particular, she has a few fuzzy pink and blue ones shot through with silvery bits that are a good size for my hair. I know because I ended up wearing one around the house the other day.

And that's when I realized that it's inevitable. One day I WILL leave the house wearing one of Eleanor's hairbands. One that is totally inappropriate for a moderately professional, occasionally fashionable woman in her thirties to wear. And it will be the day that I'm getting observed in the classroom, or I run into an old high school classmate.


Jonathan said...

Heh... I was in a business meeting a few weeks ago, put a hand in a pocket to fish something out, and retrieved a hairband, and a hair clip.

I was actually quite proud, laughed, and it was a great ice breaker.

All people with family love that kind of stuff happening.

M. Lubbers said...

I have to say, there's something especially endearing about a Dad with hairclips in his pockets :)

Your story does make me wonder about our society: In the past, by far the norm was families. Nowadays, what is the ratio of parents to non-parents, and where is it headed? How understanding will my coworkers be; what are the chances I'll be meeting with other parents versus not? We rely on the shared experience of parenting to help them empathize, but how often is that there?