Saturday, March 27, 2010

Catching Habits

Why do the bad habits catch on, and not the good ones?

I'm starting to be a slob about laundry in the bedroom, like Keith. Somehow, his clothes never quite seem to make it into the laundry hamper. Many of them clog the narrow pathway to his side of the bed. Others are in the vicinity of the hamper, without actually being in. Clean, folded clothes are piled high on top of his dresser.

I used to be good about keeping my clothes where they belonged. Clean clothes were in the dresser or closet. Dirty clothes in the hamper. Clothes to be worn the next day on the dresser.

Lately, though, we never seem to get around to putting the clean clothes away. The clean laundry stays in the hamper, and we pull out what we need on a daily basis. Since the hamper is full of clean clothes, the dirty clothes pile up where the hamper should be. Clothes that I take off at the end of the day could be on the dresser, on the floor, or wherever.

Like so many things in life, why is it so much easier to do the wrong thing? Even though walking into the bedroom and seeing clothes everywhere, in a complete state of disarray, stresses me out, I know it'll continue. Right now, there's a hamper of clean clothes waiting to be put away. We washed it just this morning, so it hasn't been too long ... yet.


Bren said...

Hi M! Long time and all that!! I like the new look!!

Also sounds like you've just become true parents... some of those little things stop mattering so much when you've got rugrats!!

Jonathan said...

Our clothes are everywhere, all the time... so are the kids. It's a nightmare.

Amy said...

See, I've just spent the last month forcing myself to go the other way: Be less of a slob. It's very difficult, though, and I'm about ready to end this experiment. Being a grown up about household chores is completely overrated.

M. Lubbers said...

Bren: It's so true that I have learned to let some things go out of necessity. There's just not enough hours in the day. Especially with losing an hour to time change!;)

Jonathan: I can only imagine, with 3 kids. Right now, Eleanor's not even the problem--it's just us!

Amy: Wow. I'm shocked to hear that you were even experimenting with unslovenly ways. You usually take such pride in the state of your apartment! Sometimes it's nice to give the other way of living a try ... and then go back to our usual ways, secure in the knowledge that we're better off the way we are naturally.