Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Forward to Darkness

I feel like I'm the only one who isn't happy about the time change this past weekend. Everyone else I've talked to is excited about having more light in the evenings. It's a sign of Spring—longer days filled with sunshine and warmth.

I'm all good with the sunshine and warmth part. But I really liked it better when it got light early, and dark early. Last summer, when Eleanor was a year old, I finally accepted that I would have to work out first thing in the morning if I wanted any kind of guarantee of exercising on a regular basis. I ran a lot in the mornings leading up to my half-marathon on November 1. I completely fell off the exercise wagon through the holidays.

In mid-January, I started exercising again (although not running—it was still much too cold and snowy for that!). I've generally been working out 5 days/week, 4 weekdays and Sunday. Keith leaves for work around 7 o'clock, so I try to get up at 6 and be finished working out by 7. I figure even if Eleanor's awake by then, she can talk to herself for a few minutes while I shower and get dressed.

So yeah, 6 o'clock. Before time change, I was really enjoying the fact that the sun was coming up with me. I felt so much more cheerful when I would go down into the basement to work out, and come up to be greeted by a bright new day, already in progress.

But now, it's still the middle of the night before, during, and after my morning workout. Surely, that must be the reason why I've been completely unable to drag myself out of bed and missed every workout this week. I had gotten a glimpse of life in the sun, and I miss it.

On the other end of the day, for me, early darkness is better. When it was dark by 7:30, it was perfect for putting Eleanor to bed. I would close her blinds and "blackout" curtains, turn off the lamp, and the room would be perfectly dark. She would settle in against the curve of my shoulder, happy to fall asleep with the knowledge that the excitement of the day was done.

But now, I go through the usual ritual, turn off the lamp ... and her room is still lit by daylight seeping in under the blinds and through the curtains. It keeps her alert, looking around at her books and toys and ready for the playing to continue.

I know that, eventually, the mornings will become light at 6 o'clock. And by that time, it will also be warm enough that I'm excited to get up and out for an early run. But the early evening light isn't going away anytime soon. Maybe I need better blackout curtains .... or I can convince Eleanor to wear those night sleep masks?


Bren said...

Ugh. Just reminds me of how un-fun our change OUT of daylight savings is going to be this weekend. Oh well... at least we get an extra hours sleep - although that DOES mean that my little man will be up at FIVE instead of SIX for his easter eggs!!

M. Lubbers said...

Hello again, Bren! I'd given up on you! I'm glad to see you back again.

Sorry your Daylight Savings time change coincides with Easter--but at least there will be lots of sugar to keep you awake!;)

Bren said...

Yes definitely! Yeah I've been a bit of a bad supporter, but I've recently discovered how good igoogle ( is as an RSS feed reader... seeing as I'm now running 3 different wordpress blogs I need it to keep on top of all the comments! Also I saw you post something on facebook and thought "Holy Kaw! It's been forever since I visited the Gapesnest!"

Flicked through some of your old stuff and found the post about Rock Band - I FINALLY got it at Xmas - and I didn't even have to upgrade the PS2! Talk about addicted!

M. Lubbers said...

Funny how we can "run into" each in cyberspace and renew the acquaintance :)

What are your blogs? I was keeping up with the one for awhile, but then there wasn't a whole lot of new posts so I let it go .... looking forward to finding out what's going on with you!