Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Reading: The Princesses Have a Ball

I was pretty embarrassed that I couldn't even come up with one more summer reading book off the top of my head. What have I been doing these past few months? Except I know I have been reading; I just drew a blank.

And then I remembered. Most of my reading has been children's books! I tend to go straight for the babies/toddlers section of board books, but often times Eleanor will surprise me by picking books out of the older kids' bins.

Even more surprising, she actually sits through them and likes them! The Princesses Have a Ball by Teresa Bateman falls into this category of a surprising Eleanor favorite.

It's one I thought I wasn't going to like. I cringe every time I'm confronted with princesses. Or pink. Particularly pink princesses! I don't want Eleanor to grow up with a narrow conception of how woman are supposed to act, and believe that she should be waiting for a prince on a white horse to come and rescue her and make all of the difficulties in her life go away.

So a book about princesses isn't one that I would have chosen. But she did, and it turns out that we actually both liked it a lot. The pink is minimal, and the surprise ending is cute.


cat said...

Looks like I'll be sharing this with a certain princess I know! I think Mads will like it, and from the "Look Inside," seems like it should be a good book for her to practice reading!

M. Lubbers said...

Oh good! I hope that Maddie like it.