Friday, August 13, 2010


We're leaving tomorrow morning for a 5-day camping trip in Vermont! We haven't ever gone on vacation as just our small family: me, Keith and Eleanor. But now we're rectifying that! The summer classes are over, Fall semester doesn't start for a few more weeks, and we're hitting the road!

Keith and I spent our childhoods going on family camping vacations, and we're really looking forward to doing the same with Eleanor. We'll be staying at a state park, tucked into the middle of a national park, so there will be plenty of woods, fresh air, campfires, and beautiful starry nights.

My family was also big on visiting historic sites by day, sitting around the campfire at night. We will be honoring that tradition as well, with a Civil War battlefield nearby, as well as a preserved Victorian mansion and more.

Keith's family favors 10-mile hikes, but that might have to wait until Eleanor's a bit older.

I'm looking forward to telling you all about it when we get back!

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Jonathan said...

We always end up visiting historic places too - it's the old argument with children when they say "I'm bored", isn't it - and they you open their eyes to things all around them.

We took our kids to see a castle recently, and overheard the eldest saying at one point "this is the best day ever"...

M. Lubbers said...

I saw on your blog that it was Warwick Castle, which made me smile because I've been there! My mom came to visit when I was living in England, and that's one of the places we went.

Of course, as a kid I do remember doing all of the historical visits and, overall, really enjoying it. I must have, because I'm doing things the same:)

But you have a bit more history for the kids to absorb, right out your door! I'm jealous.