Friday, November 12, 2010

Geeky processed meat?

I've started my Christmas shopping by browsing around Etsy. So many cute things! Having the wonderful family and friends that I do, I went ahead and clicked on the "Geekery" category, figuring that would be the best place to start.

All the video games, chemistry (hey Josh!;) and anime items in that category, I get. Dr. Who? Yes.

But bacon?!? How is bacon geeky? How is it anything other than bacon?

And how are there so many handmade bacon items? Lamps, scarves, magnets, earrings ... so many ways to wear and display your bacon.

One of my favorites was the magnet pictured above, which is a combo of bacon-loving and public restroom hand dryers. Don't be surprised if you find this in your stocking this year.


Jonathan said...

Heh - I didn't get the bacon reference at first, then the penny dropped lol

Meg Markey said...

Haha! Etsy is one of my favorite sites... that is hilarious. After you posted this, I had to check it out bacon items. Thanks for this. It made me laugh. (P.S. my favorite is the bacon cufflinks, lol)

M. Lubbers said...

Jonathan: I always think the best jokes are the one that take a *slight* amount of pondering;)

Meg: Welcome! I think maybe for December I should do a few Etsy features. There's so many random, fun things to be found there.