Thursday, November 11, 2010

Storing in the Cloud

Right so, as a follow-up to my earlier post about our external hard drive dying: It died. We were in the process of pulling off all our files when it kicked the bucket.

The good news is that we got all of the pictures (of Eleanor's entire LIFE) from the hard drive and a lot of the music. We did lose some other random files, but not many. We're not really sure what's gone, but our consensus is that it's not anything we're really going to miss.

Moving forward, Keith bought another (different brand!) external hard drive, but with 1 terabyte of memory, which is just insane. But the big difference is that we also signed up for online back up through Mozy. I think we both feel a lot better having a separate copy of our digital lives stored somewhere physically distant from here....just in case.

Or at least, we will once it's a reality. Currently everything is being slowly uploaded from the hard drive to Mozy. Keith has assured me that it will take literally 20 days of pretty much nonstop uploading to finish. So we will feel relieved, in about 18 days.


Jonathan said...

We have been doing the same thing with Backblaze for several weeks - it's still ongoing.

We have multiple hard drives too, which hold entire images of the main desktop machine (that gets copied every week, if I remember). Touch wood, I've never had to use them.

M. Lubbers said...

It feels like one of those things that, if you have the backup, you'll never need it. But it's worth paying the money and never using it for the peace of mind!