Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photo Challenge: Curves

Remember way back when, I talked about how Keith wanted to go out over the weekend to take lots of fun, inspired photos for the Shutterboo weekly photo challenge? And that happened, like once? Most of the time it's a last-minute choice or the weekend is just too busy and it doesn't happen.

But this weekend, it did! I felt crappy on Saturday, so I didn't go. But Keith and Eleanor set out to take some pictures of "curves." They headed downtown first, but for some odd reason there was nowhere to park. So they headed to Keith's more preferred choice: The Frank Gehry building (technically identified as the Peter B. Lewis Building), part of the business school on campus at Case Western Reserve University.

This building has been a definite feature of Cleveland architecture since it was first built over 10 years ago. I saw it a few years ago in the Parker Posey movie The Oh in Ohio and it's pretty hard to miss when you see it in real life. So it was a natural choice for Keith when the subject was "curves."


He took a lot of great shots but, as he discovered once he got home and we started looking at them, the reflection off the metal had a tendency to wash out the colors. So after playing around with the balance for awhile, he just changed it to black and white to maintain a sharp contrast with the sky. There are curves from every angle with this building, but we both liked just how many curves were in this picture, particularly once he cropped it, and how they seemed to shoot off in every direction.

This coming weekend we'll be in Kentucky, so we'll have to see what the next challenge is. Maybe something about bare feet? (I kid, my lovely Kentucky family, I kid!)


Jonathan said...

Love the shot... when I worked in London I would often wander off at lunchtimes to take photographs of the buildings and streets - it's something I really miss...

Helen said...

What a great picture! We probably pass that building all the time- I'll have to look for it!

M. Lubbers said...

Jonathan: You're spoilt for choices in London. Last time we visited, our hotel was in The City. I loved The Gherkin! So much fun architecture.

We don't have many fascinating buildings here, but this is one of them!

Mom: Once you know where it is in University Circle, it's hard to miss!