Friday, March 25, 2011

Student-Inspired Haikus

We were talking about haikus in class the other day, and I watched this one student play with his phone the ENTIRE time. It was very .... inspiring.

Cell phone still in hand,
Despite many warning glares,
He blithely texts on.

Is there a teacher
Anywhere in the world, who
Doesn't loathe phones out?

He texts with intent,
Warmed by the small screen,
As the rest of the class learns.

The flower in bloom
Becomes a butterfly, but
The texter missed it.


cat said...

They do that in my class too. What's worse is I'm in a computer lab, so they're on facebook too. Guess which students are also failing.

I am not renewing my contract. Blah.

M. Lubbers said...

I told my students in the computer lab last week that, if I caught them on Facebook, I was allowed to post a status update for them. I think that's fair!