Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation Maternity Clothes

I knew that, going on a week-long beach vacation at 5 months pregnant, I would have to break down and buy a maternity bathing suit. With Eleanor, I just avoided it. We don't do much swimming and I wasn't feeling more motivated to swim when I was super pregnant, so I just didn't.

That wasn't an option this time around. Even so, I put off buying one as long as I could. And then, of course, it was a disaster. Target carries maternity bathing suits, in theory, but in reality it was already almost mid-June and the stock was seriously depleted. There were a few where I liked the tankini top, but the bottoms just didn't exist. I don't understand. Where are all these women who bought bathing suit bottoms and not tops?!? And at the Target near my house, the maternity clothes are all mixed in with the plus sizes, which pisses me off. I'm gaining this weight for a specific reason, in a very specific part of my body. I'm pregnant, not fat! So I'd find a suit that I thought might work, but then it was plus-sized instead of maternity, and I'd put it back because I knew it wouldn't fit.

After that, I went to two other stores (Old Navy with a Maternity section—very hard to find— and Kohl's) neither of which sold maternity suits. It was Saturday afternoon, and we'd be leaving the following Friday. So I just bought a roomy tankini from Kohl's, a few sizes too big, and called it a day.

You notice that the posted picture is NOT of me in the maternity suit? It didn't work out that well. I had to put sunblock on my belly because the top kept riding up and exposing my belly button.

All of the other maternity clothes I got for the trip were cute. I especially like the flowy, navy blue-and-white striped sundress that is comfortable yet attractive. I've been wearing the rest of the clothes all the time since we got back. But the maternity bathing suit has been pushed into the back of a drawer, only to come out on very rare occasions.


Nan said...

I was lucky enough to order a materinity suit from ebay during late winter/early spring...although the bottom was too skimpy for my liking...I can still fit in my bottom from last year.
The (pregnant) fun continues! Only 5 more weeks for us.

M. Lubbers said...

I can definitely understand the allure of online maternity clothes shopping. Nothing really looks "good" or "bad" for the most part ... all the clothes accentuate the belly! So might as well buy it without trying it on and avoid the hassle and swollen feet.

Congrats on getting through pregnancy #2! Best wishes to you over the next few weeks!

Andrea said...

I had tried on a few maternity suites, but they always felt to big and baulky - I hated them. Since 95% of my swimming is at the neighbor's backyard pool, I decided to just "let is all hang out." I bought a size XL bikini top to cover my expanding chest and used mybottoms from years past. It works and the other women all loved seeing my huge belly sticking out there. But... when we went to Miami, I did exactly what you did and bought a roomy tankini top. I didnt think the family would enjoy seeing my huge belly as much as my dear friends do. :-)

M. Lubbers said...

Andrea: I agree with your decision to let it all hang out with the neighbors, but to be a little circumspect in Miami.

My greatest hope is that I WON'T have to wear my fake maternity suit again next summer. Fingers crossed!