Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Pretty Sure .... You're 3 going on 13

Eleanor now has what I would call her "thinking face." She manages to scrunch down only one eyebrow (neither Keith nor I are capable of this). Her brow furrows, and she usually lifts up her hands, palms skyward, as she asks questions that have her completely baffled. It's similar to the expression in the picture, as she contemplates the intricacies of baseball strategy.

This is the face I pictured her having in the car the other day, as we were driving back from my parents' house. Before I get into the conversation, there's a few things you should know:
  • Grandma Helen always has animal crackers on hand, which Eleanor is addicted to. And she's even upped the ante by getting iced animal crackers with sprinkles. Eleanor runs straight to the cookie jar as soon as we get there, and she insists on taking a few "for the road" when we leave. I've chosen to never buy animal crackers, leaving this treat squarely in Grandma's domain, so she finds it even more exciting.
  • Right now, her car seat is directly behind the driver's seat, so it's very hard to see her while driving. She's always trying to get the driver to look at something and we're constantly reminding her that we can't look at her when we're driving because we don't really want to crash the car.
On this particular car trip, it was just Eleanor and I, so she was disappointed to have no audience in the backseat. When we were only a block or two away from our house, Eleanor piped up.
Eleanor: Are we on our street?
Me: No honey, but we're close.
Eleanor: (big sigh) I'll be sooo sad once we're on our street.
Me: Why? Don't you like being home?
Eleanor: We don't have any animal crackers at home. How come I never ever get animal crackers with icing and sprinkles?
Me: Really? Never ever? Because I'm pretty sure you took some in the car with you from Grandma's house.
Eleanor: (with hardly a pause) I'm pretty sure I didn't.
Me: Oh? I'm pretty sure you did, because I saw you eating them.
Eleanor: (immediately) I'm pretty sure you didn't, because you were driving.

I just started laughing. I was so busted! And her response was so quick. I'm always amazed not just by the vocabulary she soaks up, but also the intonation. She was spot on in her usage and emphasis on "pretty sure." That's my girl!


Andrea said...

Such a great converstation. Sounds just like Will! I think he's a 4 year old boy (eek, really almost 5), who often acts like an 11 year old girl. His use of the word "actually" always cracks me up, and he started saying it so young at just the right times. Will hangs out with the neighbor girls all the time, so it's sometimes a little shocking what comes out of this mouth. :-) Yet he's still so innocent in that little boy way.... did you ever see my FB status about the Eminem song which Will thought was a Emma-M (aka M&M) singing?

M. Lubbers said...

I didn't see your FB status about the Eminem song, but what a cutie! We totally have to get these kids together and then listen in on them from the other room. I'm sure it would be a fascinating conversation!:)