Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photo Challenge: Game

This week's Photo Challenge is Game. Monday night gave Keith the perfect opportunity to take some pictures, because he and Eleanor went to an Indians game after work. Or I guess you could say that this is a case of Keith making his own luck, since taking Eleanor to the game was all his idea.


Eleanor loves baseball. Her favorite team is the Reds, and her favorite player is Joey Votto. She has a Joey Votto bobblehead in her bedroom, courtesy of Uncle Nick, and sometimes we find Joey in bed with her or on her headboard, watching over her at night.

She's gone to a few games this year, and enjoyed every one. She's actually surprised us with how much she pays attention to the game. I'm not saying she understands the infield fly rule (because who does, really?) but she stays in her seat and looking at the people on the field more than I would have expected of an antsy 3-year-old. The fact that hot dogs and lemonade are also two of her favorite foods on earth doesn't hurt, either.

This is the last week of regular season baseball, I believe. I'm basing that on the fact that Keith mentioned the Indians have 10 games scheduled in 7 days, with all sorts of make-up games and doubleheaders. He said this would probably be their (his and Eleanor's) last chance to get in a game this season, so he suggested that Eleanor and I meet him downtown after work and they could scoot over to the 4 o'clock game.

So that's what they did. I think I'm much more aware and appreciative of the flexibility of toddler parenting since we'll have a newborn again so soon. I dropped Eleanor off a little after 4 o'clock. The two of them had a great time at the game and then taking the train home. I has a wonderful, quiet, relaxing evening at home. Everyone wins!

Now if Keith wants to do a dad/daughter activity again in a month or two .... that will mean that I'm home alone with the newborn. Not quite as relaxing.

But it does bode well for the future. I love it when Keith and Eleanor spend time together, and bond without me getting in the way. (No listening to cries of, "Mommy do it! I want Mommy to do it! Not you!") I love that it was Keith's idea, and this is their special "thing."

Some day, it will be daddy's "thing" with Eleanor AND Little Sibling, and I will again sit home and enjoy the peace and quiet. Just like Keith will, when the kids and I go to the tea shoppe or something similar. Everyone wins!


Amy said...

Oh, dear: You're raising her to be a Reds fan?! ;)

I guess she comes by it naturally, though. And it can't be any worse than being an Indians fan; at least the Reds have actually won a World Series within our mutual lifetimes, as opposed to getting right up to the precipice, pausing, and jeté-ing back to Loserville. Freaking José Mesa! Sigh.

Was it all crummy and rainy in Cleveland on Monday? I was driving up from southeast Ohio and listening to the game on the radio; I couldn't believe they were playing in that weather. Or maybe the rain was heavier where I was, and downtown wasn't so bad.

Anyhow: I lucked into free tickets to the second game of yesterday's doubleheader. We had great weather for it -- mild with lots of midges, but no rain! The Tribe lost, but hey: Free tickets! And no rain! Good times ...

M. Lubbers said...

Yeah, she's not getting a great legacy in terms of fandom, between the Browns/Bengals and Indians/Reds. But learning to lose is good for people, right? Builds character.

It was really bad weather in Cleveland on Monday, which I'm sure is at least partly why the game was so deserted. It was rainy and windy and cold. But Keith and Eleanor had the run of the park!

Yay for free tickets and no concern about the outcome of the game! Good times.