Monday, November 28, 2011

Wheel Watcher

Starting with the night Declan was born, I've been finding myself in front of the TV during Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. We watched both in the delivery room while I was in labor, and I started pushing only moments after Final Jeopardy. I wish I could remember what the category was .... that's something for the baby book!

Anyway, it often seems to work out that I'm nursing Declan at some point between 7 and 8, and I tune into the game shows of my youth. A few observations:
  • Do you remember when Wheel of Fortune contestants had to choose prizes from these showcases? That would have sucked. To get one chair worth $800 that doesn't match anything else in your house .... the prizes have gotten a LOT better (read: cash).
  • I still don't understand why so many Wheel of Fortune contestants insist on buying every vowel. Keith argues that it's because they don't know what the answer is and they're trying to make their turn last longer and get some inspiration. I concede that's a logical interpretation, but often it just feels like they're trying to fill in the whole puzzle. Um, you do remember that you're PAYING for the vowels, right?
  • Was Alex Trebec always that much of a dick, or did that come with old age? Why does it always seem like he's mocking the contestants?
  • I would be a horrible Jeopardy contestant. I try to tell myself it's because it's all trivial knowledge, and I only fill my head with important information.


Amy said...

1. Yes. Remember that random Dalmatian statue?

2. Like Homer Simpson, they are smart. S-M-R-T.

3. Yes. Which is why those SNL skits with Will Ferrell & Darrell Hammond are so awesome. Suck it, Trebek!

4. I made it into the contestant pool a few years ago, but I was never called up to be on the show. If I were on it, I think that I would probably do pretty well. My head is certainly full of random knowledge! However, I might have trouble with the hand-eye-ear coordination necessary to ring in right when he finishes reading the clue.

Andrea said...

Thanks for giving me a good laugh this afternoon! I remember sitting at the kitchen table after dinner watching those game shows on the little black and white TV mom kept in there to watch her soaps and game shows. Oh, such fun childhood memories.

I agree that the Wheel contestants are IDIOTS for buying all the vowels. They are throwing money out the door. Duh! I think that every time some moron does that.

I think that Alex has gotten quite a big head on his shoulders after ALL these years. We all know he doesn't REALLY know all the answers even if he acts like he obviously does. Jerk!

On the other hand, hope you are enjoying the time in front of the TV and quiet time with Declan during feedings. Loved that special time!

Talk to you soon!

M. Lubbers said...

@Amy: The hand-eye coordination for buzzing in does seem to be very important. Sometimes I notice contest looking very frustrated and jabbing down their buzzer over and over again.

@Andrea: Isn't it funny when our friends have some of the same childhood memories as we do? I don't suppose your Mom watched Star Trek, too? Probably not;)

I am enjoying feedings with Declan. It's one of the reasons I am so attached to breastfeeding, even with all of its issues ... it's a closeness that is just different from anything else.