Friday, March 28, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas to Us!

As I originally mentioned in November, this past Christmas Keith and I decided to exchange fewer gifts, and save our holiday budget for one bigger gift to ourselves as a couple—a gas fireplace in the living room.

Fast forward to the end of March: we have the guy coming tomorrow to install our fabulous new gas logs. I really, really, REALLY hope this works out. We've had so many false starts with this project. First we heard that we could, then we heard our city never lets anyone install ventless gas fireplaces.

Then we determined that yes, indeed, we can install a ventless gas fireplace in our city. But then we started getting prices and quotes. Installation quotes that were more than double what we estimated. The kind of quotes that would push this optional upgrade project over the $1,000 mark. NOT an option at all.

But here we are, at last. With gas logs purchased at a good price from Keith's aunt, and a much more reasonable installation quote. I'm still nervous, though. I won't believe that it's all actually come together until we're done. The logs are installed, the checks are written, the house inspector has signed off, and the whole family is enjoying a roaring fire.

Speaking of a roaring fire, maybe I should go ahead and start planning our next Christmas present for next year. Maybe then it will be ready on time!


Amy said...

Happy birthday, too.

I was going to mail you this horribly cheesy birthday card with teddy bears on it* to prepare you for cutesy kid-themed stuff, but decided to spare you the horror.

So, enjoy!

* Very Dottie-esque

M. Lubbers said...

Um, thanks for NOT sending me a card. I understand I'll have to deal with cutesy in very short order. But until then, adult themes only, please!

Wait, that might have sounded bad ... but maybe it'll boost blog traffic?;)