Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Nesting Instinct

Like most pregnant women, I've heard all about the nesting instinct. Supposedly, at some point in your pregnancy you feel this overwhelming urge to prepare your home for the baby. You are driven to clean and organize obsessively. No matter if your house was already clean and organized—this is not a rational response.

I haven't been up late at nights scrubbing the bathroom tile or anything like that. And I'm still really bad about letting dishes pile up in the kitchen sink. But I have been obsessively watching reality shows where other people clean and organize their homes, Clean House and Clean Sweep in particular.

Does this still count as the nesting instinct? Nesting instinct for couch potatoes?


andrea said...

Sure, this counts as part of the "nesting" thing. You have to get good ideas for when the urge to clean and organize actually kicks in, right?!? By the time my nesting instinct really started, I was almost on bed rest. So I just sat with my feet up watching HGTV all day while fighting the urge to get up and clean. :-)

M. Lubbers said...

Andrea, that sounds terrible to be on bed rest but having the nesting instinct! At least I'm getting the ideas now, when I could (in theory) do something about it!:)