Friday, January 30, 2009

Not Fighting Fair

Eleanor is a hair-puller. And glasses stealer. And face pincher.

How am I supposed to discipline her for that? From what I've read, she doesn't even understand the word "no" and won't for a few months. Mostly it happens when she's nursing, so I'm a little busy. And it's not like we're playing, and I can just stop and do something else.

Am I fooling myself, thinking it will get easier once she understands what the word "no" means? Or will it just be that much more frustrating when I tell her to stop something, I see the comprehension in her eyes, and she does it anyway?


Anonymous said...

This sounds just like my roommate! When you figure it out, please let me know. (this puts my roommate's actual age at- 5 months?!)


M. Lubbers said...

You want to know what's really embarrassing? I got all excited to have a new reader! It took me A WEEK to realize this was actually a comment from my sister's cat.

At least now I know how she found out about the blog.