Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10k Playlist

For the race the other weekend, I waited until the last minute to put together my running playlist. Even so, I tried to avoid using too many songs that I'd used before. With so little foresight, I was surprised how well it worked out. The Heartless Bastards song came on just as I ran past the Southgate House, where we saw the Heartless Bastards perform last December. And Spoon's "The Underdog" gave me a push up and over the final bridge. (Damn those bridges!)
"Ping One Down" by Gomez (okay, I had to keep some tried-and-true favorites!)
"I Always Knew" by Jem
"Witch" by Maps & Atlases
"Be So Happy" by Heartless Bastards
"Quiet Dog" by Mos Def
"Folding Chair" by Regina Spektor
"Dying Is Fine" by Ra Ra Riot
"Bombananza" by Bob Schneider
"Something, Somewhere, Sometime"
by Dear Companion
"Ghetto Rock"
by Mos Def
"The Underdog" by Spoon
"I Got Mine" by The Black Keys
"Boli Panieh" by DJ Rekha
"Morris Brown" by OutKast
"Hamoa Beach" by Gomez
"Bicycle vs. Car" by Bob Schneider
"Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy" by Glen Hansard
"Jesus Walks" by Kanye West
"The Calculation" by Regina Spektor
"Crazy" by Jem


Tanya said...

Ooh - thanks for this list. Quiet Dog by Mos Def has been on repeat for me lately. I love that I now have a bunch of songs I hadn't heard before thanks to you :-)

M. Lubbers said...

You're welcome! I hope you like the songs.