Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

Keith really stepped up his game for Mother's Day this year. I was impressed last year when he gave me the Willow Tree figurine, but this year was even better.

Of course, he let me sleep in—standard operating procedure for Mother's Day! I could only stay in bed for about a half-hour, though, before the sounds of Eleanor and Keith's talk and laughter (and Eleanor yelling, "Mommy, come!") lured me downstairs.

Keith cooked a delicious breakfast and we all played together in the living room. After a while, though, Keith looked at the clock and said, "We should probably get going soon."

Going? We were going somewhere?!? This was intriguing.

Eleanor and I got dressed and we all hopped into the car. Keith assured me we didn't need any diaper bag or snacks for Eleanor, which concerned me. Leave the house without the diaper bag?!? But I listened to him and, what do you know!, he was right.

He drove us around the corner, to the local garden center. He said that he knew I'd been talking a lot (A LOT) about wanting to plant in the flower bed behind the house and around the deck. So he decided to make it happen!

I love that he listens to what I actually want. I'm not really a chocolate and jewelry kind of woman, and he knows that. When we had been dating for a month, he gave me a teddy bear for my birthday. I smiled wanly and thanked him, because I appreciated the thought. But when he gave me a Dayplanner for my birthday 3 years later, I knew we'd come a long way.

Thanks for a wonderful Mother's Day, Keith!

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