Friday, June 25, 2010

And ... we're back!

Okay, I have to keep this short because today is Keith's birthday and he's been patiently waiting for me to get some grading out of the way before we relax and watch a movie.

But! It's already taken me too long to post this, so I didn't want to wait any longer. Thanks very much for the kind words in person and in the comments. I really did just need some assurance that this blog wasn't merely a vanity project, and I am connecting with some others "out there." You gave me that.

Bob also made a good point that I was underestimating how many times my blog has come up in conversation with family and friends in the "real world." I was discounting that when only focusing on the zero comments, and that was an oversight on my part. For the most part, I think my most regular readers and commentors are people that I know personally (in person? Not sure what the best phrase for that is.) So the fact that they don't comment doesn't necessarily mean anything, because they may have already emailed/called/talked in person about what I was writing. Except for Jonathan, whom I feel like I have met! (And would love to buy a pint someday, the next time we get to travel to the UK....)

So right. Didn't mean to leave you in suspense. The Gapenest will be back in all its glory, whatever that may be. And Laurie, I do enjoy writing the blog. So I appreciate your consideration of my enjoyment, too, but that's not a problem!

Now I just need to continue trying to find time to blog AND write for publication. But I'll tell you all about it as I go.

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