Monday, June 21, 2010

Why Blog?

Right, so. I wrote a post on June 4 ... and haven't been back in almost three weeks. I know this is very unlike me, and hasn't happened since Eleanor was just a wee babe. But I've been pondering.

To be honest, I was incredibly disappointed—even more so than I would have anticipated—that I poured my heart out about our problems with the lead paint, and ...

crickets. No one had any response to my concerns, despair, emotions over what was a very huge deal to me. One person did comment on the contractor aspect of it (thanks, Jonathan;) but that was all the response I got.

And it really stung. It absolutely made me take a step back. Why am I blogging? Initially I started blogging because I thought it would help me write on a more regular basis. But I've realized, over the years, that the writing I'm doing on the blog is really a separate beast from writing to be published. The entire process, from initial conception to actual drafting to the final piece, is different from what I would send out for publication.

But I thought there was another element to writing a blog. Even though it now seems like writing a blog actually takes away writing time from writing to publish, I still thought it was worth it because people read it. There's a connection between myself and my readers. There's a shared experience there that is worth pursuing. If someone reads my blog and finds something in it that makes her laugh, or that he empathizes with, or that makes her realize something about her own life .... then in that sense, it is equal to being published. It's the idea behind all writing: the sharing of ideas and emotions that connects people.

I've worked hard to keep my readers over the past few years. I may not have many of you, but those that I do, I appreciate! Thinking about "my adoring fans" (said completely tongue-in-cheek, of course) has helped me to keep thinking of new post ideas, and just generally has kept me writing.

But to put myself out there, in a way that is beyond what I would normally do .... and then get no response .... that has made me question my basic premise. Is that connection really there? Is anyone really reading? Is anyone getting anything out of this blog?

I know there's some people who read that don't often comment. But if you want me to keep writing this blog, now might be a good time to mention it. Because, honestly, I'm still on the fence. If people aren't reading and enjoying what I post, then I don't think a blog is worth it. I can jot a few ideas in a personal diary, and then spend most of my time working on pieces for publication. But if no one is getting anything out of this blog, then it might have reached its useful end.


Amy said...

What?! "Keeping former co-workers who live on the west side updated on my life" is not a valid reason for blogging? Come on!

If you do drop the blog, you'll have to dramatically increase your Facebook updates. How else am I going to cyber-stalk the Lubbers clan *and* slack off when I should be working?

And, just so you know: These days I do a lot of my blog reading in Google Reader, & often in GR on my iPod Touch; navigating to the original post and then finger-typing a comment is a total PITA, so I just think really hard about what I *would* say in a comment and beam it across town. I can't believe you're not picking up on these Vulcan mind-meld signals I'm putting out.

keefelae said...

Hi Megan,
I wondered where you went;)
I have a list of blogs that I read (more now than during the school year) and you're the one with true writing training. Your blog explains how it is to struggle with parts of parenting and who can really describe what it's like to feel like being a mom is so hard... as well as rewarding of course.
I don't comment and I don't have a good excuse for why. If you'll keep posting, I'll commit to commenting more often; shouldn't be hard to do since I don't have a good track record for commenting.
I hope you'll keep writing and sharing your life on the blog. It brings a smile to my face as so many times I can relate to your posts.

Bob said...

Don't forget, we did discuss the ELL in person a few weekends ago. I know that isn't a blog response, but it did generate a discussion when we were in the same place at the same time. I am also of the mindset that I can appropriately stalk you in anyonymity, and then not miss a beat when you do visit town.

I guess if you do choose to end the blog, we'll just need to go up and visit you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan,

Please keep blogging. One of these days you will have to show me how it is done.

I would truly miss your posts. I like the link between the North and the South


Andrea said...

Megan, We love you! Don't go!
I don't get to read your blog nearly as often as I used to, but I love watching you grow as a mom. Your stories always bring a smile to my face. I may not always comment, but you can count on me to read your blog when I get some down time! :-) And just like everyone else, I love to cyber-stalk you. So then when we see you, I already know what's going on in the fun life of the Lubbers family!

keefelae said...

Wanted to also throw in- you're putting a lot of time into your blog, so if it's beneficial to you, you should keep writing. Before when I wrote, I was thinking of what I get out of reading it. Then as I posted that comment, I realized I should've added the effects that blogging has on your life. If it makes your day/hour/minute better, keep on writing. If not, (even though we'll be sad)by all means don't!


Jonathan said...

I'm just trying to figure out how long I've been reading your blog for... it's years, isn't it.

I'm sorry I didn't write a bigger comment before - no excuses (he says, holding his hands up).

You are one of (if not THE best) writers I read on the internet. I don't know why you have remained on my blogroll all these years, but I suspect *you* are the reason. You're funny, you're interesting, you write wonderfully, and it's always something to look forward to reading when you have thrown a post onto the interwebs.

Please do keep writing! I promise to try harder when commenting :) (I always try not to comment with "I do that", or "that happened to me too" - you don't want to hear that, do you - you want comment on what happened to YOU :)

M. Lubbers said...

Thanks so much! All of your comments mean a lot to me. It's very gratifying and humbling to read what you all are getting out of my blog. I promise to keep trying my best to write interesting, relevant posts! (And some inane ones, too. Of course!)