Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Favorite Way to Grade

Especially when it's rainy and cold, like it has been lately. But of course, when not pregnant, there's also a glass of red wine on the table next to me.

I'm getting to the grading part of the semester. Only one month left to go. The rest of the lessons are (mostly) planned out. The assignments are created. Now it's just grade, grade, grade!


Helen said...

I'm jealous! When can Beckett and Gomez come to visit?

Jen said...

That little cuss can be so sweet, can't he!?! I'm glad to hear you only have one month left. Hang in there!

M. Lubbers said...

Helen/Mom: Beckett and Gomez can come visit any time!! Do you need them to stay all of Finals week, perhaps?

Jen: He's actually sighing on the floor right now, because I'm sitting by myself in a chair and we're supposed to be cuddled up on the couch together. Hard to believe he was ever NOT this affectionate! You guys did a great job:)

I hope Ben's end of the semester goes well. I'm sure your family is looking forward to some fun times over the summer together!