Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photo Challenge: Circle

So this was last week's photo challenge, and I'm posting it now so that I'm caught up when I post this week's challenge tomorrow:) In under the wire!

Another week where Keith had a hard time finding the time/an interesting subject, so he ended up taking pictures in the basement, late Tuesday night. I was on the couch upstairs, grading (or avoiding grading, like I am right now!) and heard lots of clanking.

"Are you working out?" I asked when he came upstairs. I would say those weights hadn't been touched in months, but that wasn't entirely true. Beckett, lovely Beckett, had peed on them, and I had just dismantled all of the weights the week before and washed everything. So they had been touched, and weren't covered in dust. Or dog pee. But being used for a workout? Yeah, that hadn't happened for a long time, for either one of us.

He laughed in my face. "I'm taking pictures," he said.

I'm pretty sure that the final image is in color, even though it looks black and white. Just very clean and simple.

Of course, I told him that he's going about this challenge the wrong way. He keeps looking for new subjects and photography techniques to use every week. So time-consuming!

I think that it would be much more challenging to find ONE good subject that can encompass every possible topic for all 52 weeks. Doesn't that sound difficult? But then, the photography is done upfront. And every week, he would have to decide how to crop and digitally rework the same original image so that it screams "circle" or "purple." I think that's really in the true spirit of the challenge.

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