Friday, April 15, 2011

Writerly Ambitions

This is actually an old video from last August. My mother-in-law was visiting (and will be thrilled to be featured on a video, I'm sure. You're welcome, Karen!;), and we were just sitting around while Eleanor snacked on yogurt and blueberries and graham crackers.

She saw a book on the table that I was reading. On the back was a picture of, and blurb about, the author. She asked who it was and I explained it was the person who wrote the book.

Eleanor thought about it and then made her announcement, "I'll be a writer someday!"

I immediately went to grab the little Flip camera, my head filled with visions of showing this video when she is high school valedictorian, college graduate summa cum laude, at her first book signing, for her Nobel Prize acceptance speech ...

Of course, it will be just as adorable even at the Oscars, on Behind the Music, on the campaign trail, or if her Nobel Prize is not for literature but for chemistry or physics. I can be reasonable.


Jen said...

I love the super cute toddler stage Eleanor is in right now! I could just squeeze her! I loved seeing Beckett again too!

Helen said...

I thought Beckett already wrote a book, "Everybody Poops"!

M. Lubbers said...

Ha! Beckett could absolutely write that book! Although his might be more along the lines of 99 Places to Poop Your Owners Don't Want You to Know About.