Monday, October 09, 2006

Adrift Without an Anchor Tome

So I've finished Don Quixote. Which is good and all, but since I closed it for good, I've felt a little lost.

Since it's taken me several months to finish DQ, I also read other books during that time. Last week, I was reading a couple of pirate adventures by Gideon Defoe. But they were short, and I finished them not long after I finished DQ. Suddenly, for the first time since May or so, I'm not reading a book. There isn't one next to my bed, or in my bag, or on the coffee table.

Okay, I did grab a book and put it in my bag, but I haven't started it yet. When I think about reading at lunch, I can't think about where I am in the book and what might be happening next, because I haven't even started it yet.

Does anyone else ever get like this? I like to be in the middle of a book AT ALL TIMES. Is that so weird? At least I'll get to go to the library tonight or tomorrow and pick up some books for our trip. And I'll read the first chapter of every book I pick up, so I won't have this lost, empty feeling for quite some time.


cat said...

My problem is that I start several books and then around chapter 3 or 4 get lazy about finishing them. It's not that I don't find them interesting or anything, but I have many books going for many moods. I have to wait for that particular mood to strike before picking it up again. Or, some are way to big to take to the gym and read. Maybe I need the incentive of a looming deadline and essay to force me to pick up the pace a bit. On my coffee table, in various stages of read, are
The Historian
Portrait of a Killer
Names and Naming in Joyce
The Elephants of Style
Lapsing into a Comma
Reading Lolita in Tehran
The Cowboy
(the infamous dirty short stories)
I just finished Henry Rollins's Roomanitarian, which I've been reading since January. Feel free to borrow any of them. It's not like I'll finish anything soon. (Although I should get cracking on Reading Lolita, it's the only one from the library and probably due tomorrow.)

Anonymous said...

That's why I always read three books at one time.

M. Lubbers said...

Hmmm, Portrait of a Killer does sound interesting. Maybe I'll pick it up from the library so I can read it on the train to London!

I laugh at Ulysses. I still haven't gotten up the nerve to try reading it. Maybe next year!

I found Reading Lolita in Tehran to be pretty slow-going. I was probably over halfway through it before it finally got really interesting and I couldn't put it down. So hopefully if you stick with it, it'll be worth it!

M. Lubbers said...

I think you (Mom) and Cathy should swap books, because it sounds like you both have the same theory! I never thought I did, but suddenly I feel so bereft ....

cat said...

Oh, yeah, and I found Happy Hour at Casa Dracula in my backseat this morning, and only two chapters are read. I must have a really short attention span. Or not enough free time. Yeesh.