Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pre-Trip Serenity?

It's really almost time! Just think, at this time tomorrow ... I'll be at work. But at 5:55 pm tomorrow, the plane should be moving away from the gate, taking Keith and me across the pond, to Elaine's wedding and exciting adventures in Scotland and England.

Of course, while the plane is preparing for take-off, I'll be hoping and praying that I don't get airsick during the flight. And by "exciting adventures" I mean that everything goes exactly according to plan. Because adventure in traveling usually means something goes horribly awry. And it's a funny story to tell later, but not so amusing at the time.

Surprisingly enough, I'm not really freaking out anymore. I've decided it's like procrastinating on writing a paper. You worry for weeks about getting it done, without ever actually accomplishing something. But when it's the day before the paper's due, you crack your knuckles and settle down to the computer. There's a sense of peace in having an impending deadline—no more procrastinating. Even if you get no sleep, you'll be done by tomorrow afternoon.

So I think that's my current attitude toward packing, etc. No matter what, we'll be on that flight to Glasgow. And, if worst comes to worst, they sell underwear and toothbrushes in stores all across the UK.


cat said...

Have fun! If you see Nessie, tell him I said hi!

Amy said...

Underwear & toothbrushes from the UK = souvenirs!

M. Lubbers said...

Um hello! Nessie is totally a "her." And I will.

But if I got underwear and toothbrushes as souvenirs, when would I get to show them off?;)

cat said...

Poor Nessie. I think Nessie is asexual, really.

I think I should start three chapters on a book about Nessieology.