Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In No Particular Order

I have so many different aspects of the trip to write about that I just don't really know where to begin. I suppose the obvious order would be chronological, but for some reason I'm not feeling it. So here's a few of the topics in no particular order. If any of them seem intriguing to you, let me know and I'll do those first!

1) A Scottish wedding
2) Just a curry and bowling
3) Random conversations about Americans
4) A few truths about train rides
5) Pants, brollies, and the like
6) "Hey, dude."
7) Yorkshire pudding isn't pudding
8) I really must go to Florida.
9) What, exactly, counts as a souvenir?
10) The Weather
11) A Flying Visit to Liverpool
12) Sinister tourists
13) We had to visit at least one church
14) Lazy Sunday in Glasgow
15) Londontown
16) The Prime Place for a Meridian


cat said...

Those sound like Jeopardy! categories.

Let's see:
1, 5, 6, 16, 7 (no haggis?), 14 (if it's a youtube vid with music), 9, and then whatever you feel like.

No adventures with Nessie!?

Anonymous said...

I vote for 3, 5, and 9. But they all sounds entertaining to me!

M. Lubbers said...

Thanks for the input, ladies!

No, no adventures with Nessie. We didn't really get far enough north to be in her territory. Maybe next time!