Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In-flight Inner Turmoil

Taken from a journal entry written on the flight over:

For the first time since leaving in July 2001, I'm on my way to the UK. It's hard to believe it's been so long. Even though plenty of things have changed in the meantime:

  • I got my own apartment in Dayton, got a job, got my master's

  • I moved in with Keith in Dayton, got engaged, and got married

  • I got a new job and moved to Cincinnati

  • I hated the new job, quit, Keith got a new job, we moved to Cleveland

  • We bought a house, I got another new job, we got a dog and a kitten.

Seems so simple, put in a bulleted list! [...]

I hope I don't get depressed, because it was so adventurous and exciting that I was living over there, and this time I'm just a tourist. But a little more than a tourist; I like the fact that our journey is routed according to the people I knew. I know people.

I think I should think of it as Amy (sis) suggested—work on the assumption that I'll be moving back there at some point. So don't waste the whole trip being sad that the past is done, but enjoying the moment and looking forward to the next visit. And I have no doubt that there will be another visit, which is a comforting thought.

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