Friday, November 09, 2007

My Dietary Kryptonite

Everyone has a food weakness, right? A particular dish that is their culinary nemesis, their dietary kryptonite.

For me, it's Oreos. And for some odd reason, Halloween Oreos are the worst. I cannot resist their siren call! When I open a pack, I keep eating until the entire pack is gone. Last time, the two of us managed to make the 5,000* calories package last three whole days, and I was immensely brought of our restraint.

So last Sunday, what did I do when I saw the Halloween Oreo display? My mind screamed, "Danger! Danger!"** and yet I found myself reaching toward the display and lovingly placing a package of Oreos in the cart.

"Halloween is over," I reasoned. "This will be my last chance in a whole year to buy these special holiday Oreos." I stroked the package. "And I just ran a half-marathon! I have calories to spare."

But here's the deal: I haven't paid attention to what I've been eating for the past couple months because I've been running so much. But now that the big day is over, I'd been planning all along to eat better, since I won't be expending nearly as many calories. So here I was, on the first day that I was supposedly going to start eating better, buying more Halloween Oreos.

Even worse, we found a display of Christmas holiday Oreos with red and green creme centers next to the milk. And they're only available once a year .... I'm in trouble.

Is there a dietary equivalent to preparing for a half-marathon? To keep me on track and honest for my nutrition? I think it's called the "high school reunion." Too bad I don't have one of those for another 4 years or so.

* That's a completely un-researched estimate.
** BlogFriday word: Danger


Jonathan said...

We don't have Oreos in the UK. Just letting you know that, so if you ever visit, you might want to bring a suitcase full with you :)

cat said...

What really kills me is Double Stuff. Like, who would buy the regular ones with that little dinky layer of Stuff? And why is it taking so long to invent Triple Stuff?

Bren said...

Mmmmmm Oreos....

They're not readily available here in NZ either, but ya can find em some places... theres a cheap imitation knockoff called Wheelies which just aren't the same.

I'm a sucker for Toffee Pops, particularly the Toffee Pops Snow. Now THERES a biscuit. Probably 10x worse for you than any Oreo too.

Notice no-one has ANY practical advice, merely similar stories? *sigh*

M. Lubbers said...

No Oreos?!? That's a travesty! When I lived in England, my greatest weakness was Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars. And HobNobs in the blue container. Next time I'm over, I'll be sure to bring you some.

Cat: Keith and I were talking about this. His theory is that there used to be Triple-stuff. But now the "normal" Oreo is what used to be Double-stuff, and the current "Double-stuff" was once considered triple. Such is life in obese America.

Bren: Those toffee pops look delicious! Hopefully someday I'll make it to New Zealand and give them a try. I think if any of us figured out a way to resist our food temptations, we'd be best-selling authors, and independently wealthy!;)