Thursday, January 03, 2008

Blizzard 2007

Happy 2008! I'm sorry; I feel like I've been a real slacker on the blog of late. Hopefully now that the holidays are over, I'll be better.

These are images I meant to share before Christmas, but never got around to it. After attending a fabulous wedding about 4 hours away from home, we had the joy of traveling home in a blizzard. Here's a few pictures I took out of the car window, so we could show them to newlyweds Michael and Angie and they would understand just how much we love them, to brave THIS to be at their wedding.

I'm not sure that these pictures even properly convey how much the drive SUCKED. It just. kept. snowing. And the severity of the storm was inversely proportional to the distance from home, so it just kept getting worse. And did I mention the wind? Snow + wind = white-out conditions. Good times!

I would also like to point out that these pictures were taken at grave peril to life and limb, since I had to unbuckle and clamber into the back seat to reach into the wayback to fish out the camera from a bag. The things I do to amuse you people.


Jonathan said...

We have had about an inch of snow in some parts of the UK today - and due to the complete idiocy of the british people, complete and utter chaos has ensued.

M. Lubbers said...

Jonathan: So good to see you back and commenting! I know you've mentioned that you're hopefully over your months-long illness. I hope it's gone for good!

The one year I was in the UK for Christmas, it snowed in London. After I'd told my boyfriend (now husband), who was flying over to visit me, that it didn't get that cold and he shouldn't bring a heavy winter coat. Good thing he never listens to me!;)

FitGeGe said...

Driving in white-out conditions: never fun. (I'm from Nebraska by way of Utah, so I *totally* get snow.)

I love being reminded of why I moved to Florida!

Glad you're home safe!!

cat said...

Man, and I thought the drive down 71 to my sister's was bad that day. Glad you made it without incident!

M. Lubbers said...

Gege: Luckily my husband was driving, or else I probably would have hunkered down in a McDonald's in the middle of Ohio for about 5 hours or so.

I've never been to Florida, but I think about it this time of year:)

Cat: If that was the last big snowstorm of the year that we have to drive through, I will be VERY happy. Fingers crossed!

Thanks to both of you for your good wishes:)