Monday, January 07, 2008

Plus a Side of Dark Chocolate

Yesterday started off as a crappy day. When I woke up, I physically felt crappy. Plus, I was also not in a good place mentally. I know it was partly due to the post-holiday blues, and looking at the vast expanse of unbroken working weeks stretching out from now through the fall, with only a one-day holiday here or there to break the monotony. I don't know what else was involved; maybe I had a bad dream, or maybe it was something I'd eaten the night before. But I was NOT in a good mood.

Once I finally got up and moving, I headed over to my sister's place almost 2 hours after I'd originally said I'd be there. And I hate being the type of person who is running *that* late, so of course knowing how late I was also contributed to the black clouds raging over my head.

On the way, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few necessities. And by "necessities" I mean comfort food. Things that will make me feel better as soon as I put them in my mouth. Things with absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever. I wish I didn't believe in using food as comfort, but I've been doing it for too many years to stop cold turkey on a day like I was having yesterday.

So I picked up a basket at the store entrance and went on a mission. At the check-out, I had a total of 4 items:
  1. Bag of Doritos
  2. Package of Oreos
  3. Large Hershey's bar with almonds
  4. Large dark chocolate Hershey's bar
It's come to my attention lately that when going into a grocery store to satisfy our cravings, Keith will insist on also buying some adult groceries. Something that shows your awareness that food is actually meant to sustain life, not to comfort you. He adds in a can of soup or whole wheat bread to offset the gallon of Moosetracks ice cream.

I feel no such compulsion. Do you have something to say to me about my purchases? You don't know what kind of day I've had! Judge not, grocery check-out boy, because you'll probably be buying these same items for your girlfriend in a few years, when she's having one of these days.

I've been half-heartedly telling myself I should try this whole "clean eating" thing that FitGeGe keeps talking about. I'm sure in the long run I'd feel better and be happier with myself. But now we all know that's not going to happen until this package of Oreos is gone. Good thing I should have them polished off by tomorrow.


revjeremy said...

I saw a whole case of holiday oreo's at the store last week. I almost bought them and shipped them to you.

A little minty green oreo hotness never hurt the diet, did it?

M. Lubbers said...

Thanks for thinking of me! Sadly, the Oreos I bought weren't even festive ... but I bought them anyway.

Do you think they make ones with pink filling for Valetine's? I'll keep an eye out.

revjeremy said...

keep an eye on your mailbox

andrea said...

I thought of you this afternoon as I put my groceries onto the checkout belt. I was buying lots of fresh fruit, some yogurt, milk, and a few baking staples. Good thing I was shopping for food for William, otherwise my cart would have looked much more like yours. :-) We keep saying that we ought to eat only what we see fit to feed our toddler, but that just never seems to work. If we did, maybe I'd lose a few pounds.

FitGeGe said...

FitGeGe here saying that if you need comfort food, go on and buy it, girl! In 'clean eating', it's what's called a cheat day. Sometimes you just gotta do it.

Oh, and Oreos? Ohhhh...Oreos. LOVE!

Hope you're feeling better!

Jonathan said...

There is nothing wrong with eating crap - so long as it's not ALL you are eating.

I eat crap all the time - but I also eat a lot of good stuff. Hell - sometimes I even eat things I don't like because I know they are good for me... figure that one out.

Pizza is my downfall.

M. Lubbers said...

Andrea: I always hoped that when I had a kid, I would eat healthier. You're telling me that's a myth?!? I'm doomed!;)

FitGeGe/Jonathan: I agree that Cheat Days are important. The problem is that my diet has been pretty dismal over the holidays, so an entire day of eating crap wasn't as abnormal as it should be.

Pizza is a downfall? That's one of the most nutritious things I eat!;) But definitely, pizza and Oreos are huge weaknesses for me.