Monday, May 25, 2009

The Sad End to a 3-Day Weekend

I hate Sunday evenings, when a long week of work and tasks stretches before me. You would think that it would be better after a long weekend, when we've had all of Monday to play and procrastinate. But why does it seem worse?

We had a great weekend. It was a good mix of work and play. We got some work done in the garden, I finally cleaned out the study and filed our 4-month backlog of bills etc., and I even have 5 draft pages of a new short story that I'm working on. On the fun side, we also went to the Farmer's Market at Shaker Square with Stephen and Emily on Saturday, hiking on Sunday, and had Stacey and Kevin and their dog Guiness over for a cook-out this afternoon.

It was a fabulous three-day weekend. Eleanor had such a good time, she finished her final bottle tonight in short order and passed out immediately after—no reading or singing or rocking required. But will it be enough to get me through the next few days of drudgery at the office and slaving away over the stove and washer at home?

Except ... I just remembered ... the Gomez concert is tomorrow night! My mother-in-law is coming up tomorrow afternoon to watch Eleanor so we can go out to dinner and party late, pretending like we won't still have to get up at 6 o'clock on Wednesday morning like responsible parents and adults. And then Karen, Eleanor, and I will hopefully go to the zoo on Wednesday, possibly meeting up with my sister Erin and son Gavin there .... the fun continues!

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