Friday, July 10, 2009

Is It Really That Hard?: Haircuts

Why is it so hard to find a good place for a haircut? I really don't think my standards are so very exacting. I want a decent haircut; that is, one that is a) noticeably shorter than when I arrived, and b) looks better than when I arrived.

I also don't want to pay an exorbitant amount for it. In the Midwest, for a haircut that only takes maybe a half-hour, I would consider a fair price to be around $30-40. Making a dollar per minute sounds pretty good to me.

And yet. We've lived here for 3 years now, and I still am having a hard time finding a place to get my hair cut at a good price. At first I got it cut on the West side, near my parents'. But that was quite a trek, and the person who I liked there moved somewhere else .... so I figured I should find somewhere closer to me.

There's actually 2 salons within walking distance of my house. But both of them charge $50 or more for just the haircut alone, not counting the obligatory 20% tip. I think that's F-ing ridiculous.

But, on the other hand, I also refuse to go to someplace like Best Cuts where I could wait for an hour or more, and I have no idea who is going to be cutting my hair. I've had enough hair traumas in my life that I'm not going to expose myself to that much risk.

Another new hair place opened up a few months ago, and my friend Emily tried it and liked it so I thought I'd go there, too. Until I found out that this brand new place ALSO charges $50 for a haircut. But you just opened!!! That doesn't seem right.

FINALLY, I found a place about 5 minutes away called Fast Eddy's Chop Shop. They had a motorcycle theme, which isn't my favorite but I really didn't care all that much. Lots of chrome and black and orange, with loud music and a very open styling floor. Not a lot of the frills that come with a "salon." They didn't offer me herbal tea or sparkling water when I arrived, and that was fine by me. The stylist cut my hair, did a good job, and all for less than $40. I was sold!

That was back in the winter, and I've been meaning to go back for awhile but hadn't gotten around to it. But with Eleanor's birthday fast approaching and the prospect of many pictures that will be saved for posterity, I figured it was really time.

But I've been trying to call them off and on for a week, and never managed to get through. Finally, today, I get a recording that says they are temporarily closed, sorry for the inconvenience, and I can leave my name and number if I want to be notified of their grand reopening soon.

So I gave up. I called one of the over-priced salons near my house and made an appointment for next Tuesday. I can't fight the system any more! But I'd better have damn good hair in all of Eleanor's birthday photos, and I'll be sure to tell the stylist that when she hands me my steaming mug of chai.


FitGeGe said...

I finally gave in and started paying a gazillion dollars per haircut, but my girl is sooooo good that it's worth it. I hope, since you DO have to pay so much, that the person you go to becomes the stylist you can't live without. :o) Either way, you'll be gorgeous, dahling!

Andrea said...

I cannot believe that you actually used the word "F-ing". I literally laughed out loud when I read it!

I got my hair chopped (9+ inches off) a couple weeks ago. I was stunned (in a great way) when she asked me for $35... appearantly I hadn't had a haircut without highlights or color in so long that I had no clue how much a regular haricut might cost. I was quite please with the $35 results! Like you, I only go to the salon a few times a year, but I refuse to go to some hoity-toity place. I like my stylist who tells me how it is and tells me that a certain haircut would "look horrible and be impossible" with my hair type. That's why I pay the big bucks for the highlights/color visits!!

Good luck next week and try to keep your cool while paying the bill. :-)

M. Lubbers said...

Thanks for the good vibes, ladies! The haircut was alright. I'm not blown away, but it's not terrible. I think I'll still continue my search for a place that I find more reasonably priced. It's a lot easier to "blow me away" if I'm paying a lot less.

Keith ended up getting his hair cut later the same night. So at least our family will look well-groomed in all the birthday pictures! And now I have a few months before I have to go through the whole process again ....