Thursday, July 16, 2009

You're Not Allowed to Have an Opinion

You know what's been annoying lately? With Eleanor's birthday approaching, acquaintances have started the (wink wink, nudge nudge) "Guess it's time for the next one!"

Our families and close friends can joke about it. Like when my Mom "casually" remarked last week that, when my older sister turned a year old, my Mom was already pregnant with me. But then she did think a moment, and remembered that she was on a two-year maternity leave and she was trying to fit two babies into one maternity leave. I don't have that motivation.

But I've heard it from a few people that I only see once in a great while, with whom I'm not particularly close (none of them know about this blog, for instance), and that's just annoying. Whether my uterus is currently occupied or not is really not any of your business. Nor do you need to know if the occupancy status will be changing any time soon. Why do people think this is an appropriate, casual topic of conversation?

It's said along the lines of "Can you believe the weather?" or "How about that local sports team?" People, please remember that a woman's reproductive organs are NOT good water cooler talk. Just sayin'.


cat said...

You should tell them the doctor told you another pregnancy could be risky or something, just to show them how out of place they are. Or, just tell them that you two go at it like rabbits, so you're not sure why you're not preggo yet. Nothing like a good dose of TMI. ;)

Elaine said...

I heard that from a lot of people, mainly acquaintances or work colleagues and then when I do announce that I am pregnant again they comment that I'm quick off the mark or is it not a bit soon!

The thing that really gets me is that the people being pass remarkable have no idea whether you have tried for a while to have the one precious child you have and how hurtful their comments could potentially be. Some people just don't engage their brains.

What's TMI?

Elaine x

FitGeGe said...

Maybe you should start telling these casual acquaintances that the voices in your head haven't given you permission to reproduce again...yet.

cat said...

TMI = Too Much Info :)