Saturday, July 17, 2010

2nd Birthday Party

Today is Eleanor's 2nd birthday party. (She actually turns 2 next Wednesday.)

It's so hard to believe that we're here already! I'm writing this on Friday morning: the calm before the storm. If you're actually reading this on Saturday, I'm guessing I'm running around like a mad woman, simultaneously trying to cook, clean, talk to family, and play with Eleanor. It's a crazy day, and it flies by. But I'm excited!

Here's a few pictures from her birthday party last year. Hard to believe that we thought she looked so big! And of course, we'll say the same thing next year about this birthday .....

One thing I did learn from last year's party: BUY ICING TIPS. I had never really decorated a cake before, so I didn't realize the decorative tips needed to be bought separately from the tube of icing. Ergo, the sloppy, barely legible cake.

Hopefully I'll post pictures of this year's party soon, and the cake will be much more respectable!


keefelae said...

Happy Birthday, Eleanor! Looking forward to hearing about the party and seeing this year's cake.
I'd never decorated a cake before Natalie's birthday either. It was more difficult than I'd expected.
Maybe next year I'll stick to cupcakes?

Amy said...

Well, it's not worthy of Cake Wrecks, seeing as how you managed to spell things correctly. Better luck next time!

M. Lubbers said...

Laurie: I do like your idea of cupcakes. I almost did that this year--one normal cake and cupcakes. But then I realized I couldn't decorate the jello cake, so it was back to 2 cakes. But cupcakes would be cute!

Amy: Your mention of Cake Wrecks gives me so many good ideas for next year:)