Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'll Hold You Close, My Tiny Dancer

Amy's enjoyment of the other recent Eleanor sunglasses pic reminded me of when and why we got those sunglasses.

I wanted to make sure that Eleanor had sunglasses before our trip to Costa Rica. I stopped by Target to pick up a pair for her. There was a pretty good selection of kids' sunglasses, but as I flipped through all of the options, I realized that the majority of them were branded. They were affiliated with movies or TV characters or those ubiquitous Disney princesses ..... I immediately rejected all of those pairs. She doesn't even watch TV yet! I thought. There's no need to get her hooked on these brands/characters before she even realizes what's going on!

My theory is that we'll have PLENTY of opportunities to fight over that $100 pair of sunglasses that she just HAS to have later. But I'll save myself the cost and the trouble while I can.

Once I ignored all of the branded pairs of sunglasses, there was only one pair of sunglasses left. They were completely girlie; well, to be fair, Keith and several others have commented on her resemblance to Elton John in them. So even though toddlers' over-gendered items are another pet peeve of mine, they were cute and marketing-free and I bought them.

(And determinedly bought them again a second time, after I lost them ... only to rediscover the first pair. Whoops!)

At first she wasn't convinced, but now Eleanor loves those glasses. She looks for opportunities to wear them. I'm sure it's because she loves all of the oohs and aahs she gets from friends and strangers alike. We've gotten so many compliments on those glasses, and it makes me smile every time. For now at least, Eleanor can be adorable AND I can buy products that aren't covered in trademarked images. Everyone wins!


Jonathan said...

Well I think they look fantastic.

Guess who was responsible for losing our eldest's glasses while on a day out?

Amy said...

Lately I tend to buy two of anything clothing/accessory related when I find a style I like because I always end up breaking/ losing/ garfing up somehow the first one.

When I was E's age or a little older, I used to have red plastic sunglasses with lenses shaped like hearts. (I think my sister had a blue pair with lenses shaped like stars.) Anyhow, apparently I rilly, rilly, rilly wanted to wear real glasses (Why? Who knows! Maybe because my parents and grandparents had them?) so I punched out the tinted lenses and just wore the plastic frames. Then in third grade when I did have to start wearing real glasses, I hated them. Doh!

joven said...
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M. Lubbers said...

Jonathan: Actually, I'm not sure. Is it you or the eldest? Either way, I'm sure they're a pain to replace!

Amy: Buying 2 (on purpose) does seem like a good idea. I was the same way about glasses; I really wanted them until I needed them, and then I thought they were the worst thing ever.